Vol. 5: A messy archive of homemade futures

A messy archive of homemade futures
December 8th, 2018
The New Insitute, Rotterdam, NL
Oksana Savchuk, Marco Aperti, Angelo Novembre, Eric Barendse, Maxim hellyn, Brindusa I. Nastasa, Anna Vavakou, Ana Maria Marchidan, Rita Liao, Evaline Bailly, Teis De Greve, Olga Korovina, Helen Scarlett O'Neill
Thanks ♥
The New Institute Stichting Kitsunya
Technical Details
32 pp. + insert with postcards, B/W A4, printed on biotop 80g/m2, cover 200g/m2, sewn and/or stapled

The fifth edition of XYZ was a look into the future. Enough grotesque visions to be found nowadays—but what about the homemade ideas of what the future could be? Aren’t our daily interactions, frustrations and small moments of happiness with existing devices, systems and structures more telling for the future than the visions conceived on drawing boards in fluorescent-lit offices? Or should the future be about dreaming of how tomorrow could be entirely different? For XYZ Vol. 5: A messy archive of homemade futures we occupied an empty space right under the archive of The New Institute in Rotterdam for 24 hours, in search of different ideas about the future.

Friday 7/12/2018

Saturday 8/12/2018