Vol. 5: A messy archive of homemade futures

XYZ is a collection of text, illustrations, photographs, art, drafts, video, music and anything else which could possibly be represented on paper. Every volume of XYZ is made by a new group of collaborators who on Friday start with nothing except a theme. The next 24 hours, everyone works on one or more A4’s for the magazine, of which we print, bend, bind and share 100 copies the same day. You are free to choose what to produce and publish. Text or video? Building an installation and making 3D-scans of it? Interested to join, but no idea what exactly you want to do? Everything is possible!


The fifth edition of XYZ is all about the future. Enough grotesque visions to be found nowadays—but what about the homemade ideas of what the future could be? Aren’t our daily interactions, frustrations and small moments of happiness with existing devices, systems and structures more telling for the future than the visions conceived on drawing boards in fluorescent-lit offices? Or should the future be about dreaming of how tomorrow could be entirely different? For XYZ Vol. 5: A messy archive of homemade futures we will occupy an empty space right under the archive of The New Institute in Rotterdam for 24 hours, in search of different ideas about the future.


Friday 07/12/2018 — Saturday 08/12/2018 (see detailed schedule below)


Museumpark 35, Rotterdam, NL

Are you not from around, but would like to join nonetheless? We have (limited) places to sleep available!


Joining is free, and on Saturday we provide lunch.



Vrijdag 07/12/2018

18:30-19:00 Welcome
19:00-19:30 Introduction
19:30-21:00 Mini-workshop & drinks

Zaterdag 08/12/2018

10:00-12:00 Working
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-17:00 Working
17:00-19:00 All the pieces are collected, scanned, photographed, cut, pasted and collected into a magazine.
19:00-20:00 Diner (in the meantime the first pages are being printed)
20:00-21:00 The first editions are bent, bound and cut.
21:00-23:00 Launch party! We continue printing up to 100 copies, which we are happy to share with all visitors & passers-by. Wine comes along!


I wanna join!

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